The through line in the life of our founder, Faith Appleton, mother of humans, horses, and horticulture, and self-taught naturalist, is a deep connection to nature, through which she has intuited her life’s work. As a girl on her family’s island off the coast of Maine, Faith made her first skincare product — a muddled seaweed mask that she lovingly slathered on family and friends, never expecting her desire to literally soak nature into her body to go any further than her own rituals. A lover of research with a background in policy, Faith’s fascination for the plants in her garden grew into a formal study, and soon after, motherhood revealed a more practical use for the garden. As Faith concocted natural remedies for her three children, more and more, her garden provided her answers, clarity, transcendent experiences — and eventually the garden’s future and Faith’s merged; FaTH was born.